Meet our wonderful team!

Mike – Salesman

Raised in Detroit Mike moved to Arizona 45 years ago.  He’s been married for 53 years to one lucky woman, has 2 daughters, 3 grandkids, and will be a great grandpa soon.  His family is an RV loving family, they’ve had RVs for as long as he can remember, and his kids grew up in them.  He loves sports, especially golf, racket ball, and going to the gym.  He’s worked in the RV industry since 1972, he had his own dealership twice for 20 of those years, managed dealerships for 15 years after that, and has been at Power RVZ for the last 4 years.  Mike loves the atmosphere at Power RVZ, it’s a very laid-back environment but everyone is very professional and they pride themselves on customer satisfaction.  He believes that the compelling desire throughout the staff to go above and beyond to establish customer satisfaction originates with the owners, as it’s always been a very prominent goal in the company.

Keith – Salesman

Originally from Connecticut, Keith moved to Arizona 30 years ago with the love of his life of 37 years.  He has 2 children and is blessed with 2 grandchildren as well.  In his free time he likes to golf, hike, read, and explore the country.  Keith had always been a tent camper then he purchased his first pop-up, and later a travel trailer, and now he enjoys the lifestyle so much that he is on the search for his own Class A so that he can go RV’ing full time next year.  He fell into the RV industry by accident in 2003 when the High Tech jobs dried up.  He had 2 long stints at corporate RV dealerships before he came to work at Power RVZ and found happiness working in a more personal, close knit family business.  Keith enjoys working for a business that is small enough to care about each customer, rather than just making them another number.  He says it allows him the ability to cater to a customer’s needs without the pressure of trying to shoehorn them into a corporate process.

Paul – Salesman

After growing up in Philadelphia Paul made his move to Arizona 33 years ago.  He’s been married to his lovely wife for 21 years and has 3 kids of his own and is blessed with 2 granddaughters. He is an avid adventure seeker and enjoys boating, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, riding on his jet skis and side-by-sides, and touring the country in his 40 ft Diesel Pusher.  He enjoys setting out on the open road without a plan or a destination in mind, but when he does set a course he usually heads to the Pacific Northwest, especially to the beauty of Idaho.  Paul spent most of his life working in the Auto Industry for Lexus, Toyota and Ford, and as a natural transition to his golden years he moved into the RV industry and has been working in RV sales for 5 years, with 35 years of personal RV experience.  He actually bought his first motorhome from Doug, Power RVZ co-owner.  Paul enjoys being able to work and still travel the country, and loves working at Power RVZ.  He says everyone at Power RVZ is awesome to work with, they’re all very involved and they genuinely care, and he doesn’t have to deal with all the complexities and problems you come across at a corporation.

DJ – General Manager

DJ relocated from Minnesota to Arizona 35 years ago, where he lives with his wife, Lori, of 10 years.  He has 2 sons he is very proud of; one is in the Army and is stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, and the other is a Manager at a Casino in Las Vegas.  DJ is more the strong silent type, he usually stays behind his desk which is always piled high with work, but his indispensable skills in every aspect of the business keeps everything running smoothly.  His dad was actually a buddy of Doug and Clark, that’s how DJ met and became friends with them, and has been working with them for over 10 years since.  He really enjoys the working environment at Power RVZ, there’s a lot of camaraderie amongst the personnel, everyone likes to laugh, have fun, and give each other a hard time.

Doug – Co-owner

Originally from Whidbey Island, Washington, Doug moved to Arizona in 1997.  He has experience in several different industries and enjoys road biking, mountain biking, recreational boating, and keeps his own boat docked in Washington where he likes to spend his spare time and unwind.  Doug started working in the RV industry in 1995, he worked for RV Supercenter in 1997 and started his own dealership in 2001.  He operated Auto Corral RV for several years and worked for various other dealers before founding Power RVZ with Clark in 2012.  Their focus was to establish a non-intimidating sales environment and provide some of the best, clean, used inventory on the market at realistic prices.  They don’t believe in haggling, they feel it’s disrespectful to their customers to over price units with the intent of wheeling and dealing, instead they price their inventory at a mutually fair price from the start to help create a non-intimidating environment.  The emphasis of Doug’s business structure is on customer care, from the initial greeting until the congratulatory purchase, the customer’s needs and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to everyone.  He has created a clean, friendly dealership with qualified, experienced salesmen, a place where you can feel comfortable hanging out and asking questions, so that you can make an unpressured, educated decision.  And once you find your perfect home on wheels the care doesn’t stop there, they also work with one of the finest warranty companies to provide you with years of confidence and satisfaction.  

Clark – Co-owner

Also from Whidbey Island, Washington, Clark originally met Doug years ago through his nephew.  After Clark retired as Chief Engineer from the Washington Ferry System, he began coming to Arizona as a snowbird in 2005.  He worked with Doug at Auto Corral starting in 2010 before deciding to co-establish Power RVZ with him in 2012.  Clark has used RVs recreationally most of his life, starting with a 1966 Winnebago, and he also enjoys golfing, swimming, and water volleyball.  He took several trips in his RVs, hunting and fishing his way throughout Montana and Minnesota, so once Clark retired he decided there wasn’t a better way to spend his retirement than working with something that brought him so much joy through the years.  Clark brings a different, valuable, perspective to the company.  Since he didn’t originate from the RV industry he was able to bring more of a customer’s perspective to the business structure.  He helped to create a down to earth environment, a place where customers can feel comfortable, and come to be educated about RVs from experienced salesmen who can help them find their perfect fit.  He wants to share the same enjoyment he’s known throughout the years that comes with the adventure initiated by owning a RV. 

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